1. nursery arrhythmia, kitchen shivers
  2. protect hemoglobin from live wires
  3. ancient salt cakes the embryo
  4. the necrophiliac next door prefers white bread
  5. able mistletoe, a compass traces the arc of spasms
  6. pet tarantulas bed in moss
  7. lip wounds split open
  8. costume cherubims, cracked telescope cell walls
  9. lichens, rites of waxen attics
  10. temples all day. smile as you play
  11. temple’s magnate, conglomerate
  12. wounds hesitate to merge, coagulate
  13. merge with the bath water
  14. merge with the bird feeder’s squatter
  15. merge with the bird bath’s water
  16. merge with a dental dam’s failure
  17. merge with esquire on sand pyres
  18. merge a livery horn with a cup
  19. merge soil with hounds
  20. merge metal with palates
  21. merge with the bird house’s spider
  22. lacquer canisters, colostrum
  23. the pelvic merged with the gastric
  24. sliced leather livers into shoe soles
  25. the pyre can’t burn leather livers
  26. we fire walk the pyre on liver slices
  27. we fire walk the esquire of the temple
  28. we fire walk atop WTC 2
  29. the pilot light is awake
  30. the pilot light is the first to ignite the hive
  31. i see terrible things for black widows nearby
  32. i see terrible things for axes swung against soft hides
  33. i see terrible things smashed against linen
  34. i see some figments banished to Io
  35. opal figurine, matter’s obsolescence
  36. fires in the history stable
  37. fires on the genealogy records table
  38. fires in the bunk below red shift
  39. fire ants will float in plumes on water
  40. fire from the gym teacher’s scotch
  41. so soft, the isosceles drawn under flowers
  42. so soft, the prunes within
  43. so soft, the eagle’s breast in dark matter
  44. so soft, each polyp burned under eclipse
  45. so elegant, chauffeurs tending to tripwire

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