Hylebos Creek

starliner buried underground

near darker dermis, ivory headpiece

ashtray on the dashboard

toy strata, solemn strata, lower dismal strata

found refracted eviction

roofing theropoda lifelike

inside red flyer wagon, encased fossil

furcula at an angle, glass case gelatin

turn microscopic. sample the windows of the bus

record etched channels where clothing seams imprinted

measure indented clay where resting used to be

leave microscopic. overall spine and pelvis, outside the bus

overall complete jaw, no missing teeth

wedded firmly to rock

coelurosaur without cage, freed pet

formica strata’s bouncing tacks

metal hill one click away, twenty stories tall

rusted less on the interior

thicker panes some bodies disintegrated against

Pierce County transit bus, inside, along

the yard where kindling was free to burn

on scrap steel, windows sagged free

late under three hundred feet of pressure

through and through, compacted steadily

air is granite. mom and dad strung silk

from flashing lights on the dashboard

filled an old tunnel beneath the city

lariat chromed and buried

a silent wick for a Ford

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