la esposa desaparecida


Relapse of animal sorrow;
the hide of a noble beast burned as it slept
on a campfire lit indoors.
The bang of salvation rounds struck
its right shoulder from behind; .44 magnum,

The gunshots did not kill. By morning
the campfire died out. The rug
still smoldered

The noble beast tried to peel its own hide away,
charred tight over biceps. A fissuring and brittle
black foil

And hooves were no use.
And tusks were no use.
Making eye contact is not helping
as it bit the air without sound
taking up half the room


A malignant briquette grew cavities in teeth marks

My cavalry retinas. My open cage. My dispersed resolve

My almost-sleep. My almost-dream. My wet smallpox blankets

A tumor waking to the side. The slowly vanishing pillow

Befriend a mastodon’s ghost— Wash a stone spectre

Barbacoa indoors. No eyelashes left on adhesive

Slowly vanishing indentations. Interior barbacoa perspectives

One place setting. One fork, one knife

Fork on the left. Knife on the right

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