agujero negro


  1. our serifs elongate near a miniature black hole
    emerged from spring overgrowth; protect typeset
  2. it drew the brush inward; my arms around a May pole–
    creosote pairing, condensing; cellular empathy.
    carve names onto a stone
  3. i saw you bend over further back and flicker your hammer.
    i never laid down but am laying now;
    gradually, cellular. bird shot
  4. i wandered with a retired bomb sniffing dog.
    he led me to spring overgrowth, watering hole ripples
  5. there are kites on Tiger Mountain caught in antenna arrays.
    there is a hole in each of my palms
    where wires once threaded through
    to suspend me from the array
  6. our souls evoke poltergeists of blood reduction.
    illicit cuts no longer coagulate
  7. drive down from the summit.
    dirty clots dried on the steering column
  8. illicit wheel ruts end at the treeline.
    trained hounds return with gunpowder noses
  9. hounds tugged arms like detached serif kites.
    smile for your practical father;
    take him down from the rafters
    and have him solder this loose antenna wire
  10. i walk a retired bomb sniffing dog named May.
    if you call me that again i’ll put you inside the tree–
  11. and in the grocery store checkout line she said,
    if you call me that name again
    i’ll put you in my butter, i’ll put you down
    in Montevideo
  12. hang me back on the antenna array.
    i would choose to forget the bomb sniffing dogs,
    the black hole, the currency,
    spring tannenbaums
  13. our rhythms of poltergeist cell walls begin.
    municipal clots bulge under a patched seam
  14. our threads pull from each chest towards overgrowth.
    skin cells, aphids on the stalks of debris
  15. she played notes attracting hounds on a recorder–
    trained them for residue illicit cuts will render
  16. we had watched ourselves as sailboats, side by side.
    rigging by rigging along the harbor,
    along neutral rocks
  17. aging becomes more practical now than before.
    these forms will evolve into red giants
  18. ride the old bike over the embankment
    towards the sound of free range Dodge Darts
  19. ride to the first day of kindergarten in a 1972 Dodge.
    there was a girl in a white fur coat when you met the second boy
  20. ride to the Swap Meet and buy a box of old electronics.
    1980-1986 circuit boards, boxy and thick;
    build spacecraft
  21. ride the old bike towards a miniature black hole.
    feed it asphalt, 1986 neighborhoods
  22. shoot at it with a pistol; any round is frangible.
    any curvature is observable
  23. isotopes, cholesterol, tinnitus.
    richer factions notice now. increasing blood pressure
  24. the arriving look around. nearest: rub your eyes.
    rub the soil from this jinx


  1. all worlds evolve to rely on one scent that depletes.
    coax blood cells named Challenger, Chernobyl, Arco
  2. all worlds are temporary.
    all worlds come from the decay of another
  3. all worlds collapse giving birth
    to a motionless suburb, mountain zone
  4. all worlds collapse when there is no one left to observe.
    curvature flattens, rots, compacts, turns oil

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